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I’ve been coming out in little red itchy spots on and off for a couple of weeks now, mainly on my back and chest with a few odd ones on my arms and a few on my legs. First of all I thought i was being bitten, got paranoid i had bed bugs but after seeing the doctor he confirmed they were bites as they were too small but more likely a reaction to something or just something i had picked up. They are very small in size, usually very red around them after they appear but that soon dies down and leaves just a tiny little red spot unless I scratch it obviously.

I haven’t changed washing powder or anything similar to that so it’s not that. However I noticed this morning the gym that after my session air jordan 6 I seemed to be more itchy than i had been for a few days, with what seemed to air jordan 6 be fresh red itchy spots on my chest. Similar thing happened to me last Monday and i originally started getting them two Mondays ago. Each time I have worn an Under Armour compression top. I’m beginning to wonder air jordan 10 whether this is the cause has anyone else ever had a reaction to UA tops?? Strange thing is i have had the tops since June and not reacted to it until 2 weeks ago. If i was allergic to them would it not have happened previously??

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