: How to modify CTR 301P (ebay) photo flash triggers for low voltage strobes. I recently purchased a set of Nike Free Run CTR 301P flash triggers from ebay.Now we have to remove the hot shoe connector from the board.Mark the outside of the plastic housing so you can see the wire polarity. I marked the red side with a red sharpie.Gently pry the plastic housing off the pins with a screw driver or a small pair of pliers. It’s only held on by press fitting the pins into grooves on the bottom. Be careful not to break it we’ll need it later. Don’t scratch up the board either!Now with a hot soldering iron heat the pins and push them out from the Nike Free Run bottom of the board. They are small so be careful not to loose Nike Free Run them. Do not over heat and lift the traces or the PC connector will not work when you are done.Press the pins back into the plastic housing. The little tabs that stick out will nest into the bottom of the plastic and hold the pins in place.Fill the holes on the board where the pins used to be with solder. These holes are also vias for the PC connector. Filling them will ensure that there is a good electrical connection from the top to the bottom of the board.