Shoe cream is fundamentally a pigment infused leather conditioner. Creams differ from polishes mainly due to the lack of alcohol based compounds that aid in producing shine and keeping polish semi solid. Therein lies the difference in the result. Creams are used to moisturize shoes, while adding a little pigment to enrich the depth of color to some degree. They do not generally produce the same level of shine, nor is their primary goal to apply color to the shoe like polishes. Creams are most effective directly after cleaning, used as a conditioning agent prior to polishing.

Color matching a shoe polish to the shoe or boot is almost always considered more effective in hiding scuffs and scrapes when compared to any cream. This is primarily due to the higher pigment content found in polishes as compared to creams of the same color. Polish, due to its wax content, also makes leather more moisture resistant. air jordan 11 Polish has more pigment than cream in most cases, with the solvents allowing deeper penetration of the color. Wax based polishes also tend to “stick” the leather back together, smoothing scuffs and allowing the polisher to blend them with the rest of the shoe fairly effectively. Neutral polish should be used when other polishes cannot provide an ideal color match, and to prevent accidental coloring of stitching. Its lack of pigment, however, makes it relatively useless for covering blemishes and scrapes.

Leather dries out over time. This is especially true when the material is subjected to moisture, air jordan 4 then quickly dried. Applying a moisturizing compound to the leather such as shoe cream or a dyeless conditioner helps infuse the leather with the nutrients needed to prevent cracks and brittleness. This is where a pigment infused shoe cream helps, since it moisturizes and punches up the color of the footwear at the same time. Polish does not moisturize leather the same way a conditioner does, so simply polishing a shoe might make it look good while the leather continues to deteriorate. Remember, mink and neatsfoot oils used to moisturize and waterproof darken leather and make it more difficult to polish.

Prior to polishing, shoes and boots must be properly cleaned. Saddle soap and a damp cloth work well for this, cleaning as well as opening the leather’s pores. Brushing air jordan 6 the shoe with a horsehair cleaning brush also helps in removing loose dirt. Swirl a clean cloth into the polish, working the compound into the leather in a circular pattern. Pay special attention to scuffs, working them until they are as blended with the rest of the shoe as possible. Do the entire shoe, or the formerly scuffed area will have a different level of sheen compared to the rest of the shoe. Allow a few minutes for the polish to dry, then buff it with a horsehair polishing brush.