So, my feet have been swelling for the past couple of weeks. But, the thing is they swell really badly.

I talked to my doctor about and she’s not worried about it as long as I’m not having any other symptoms.

My issue though is that it seems like all of my shoes cause my feet to swell. What am I going to do this winter when I’m in my 3rd trimester? As it is I have big feet already.

Is anyone else having this issue? I’m interested in hearing about anyone’s experience but anyone having this issue this early?

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To prevent swelling of the feet especially, you should not sleep on your back but rather on you left side. on your back while pregnant can create pressure on a major vein called the inferior vena cava. This vein returns blood from the lower body to your heart. This may lead to lightheadedness and/or numbness. In addition this may cause pressure on your back and intestines, leading to discomfort.

Most physicians recommend that a air jordan 4 woman sleep on her left side while pregnant. this allows for the maximum blood flow to the baby, and it will also improve kidney function for the mother. The improved kidney flow will help to reduce swelling. Because your liver is on the right side of your body, sleeping on your left will keep the pressure off your liver.

Early in pregnancy, you should attempt to get into the habit of side sleeping. Typically the most comfortable position is with your knees bent. You may wish to place a pillow between your knees to sleep more comfortably.

The best sleeping position for a pregnant woman is on her side, especially the left side, because it allows for maximum blood flow to the fetus and improves kidney function in the mother. Improved kidney flow helps to reduce any swelling. Placing a pillow between the knees can help a pregnant woman sleep more comfortably on her side. Also, using a bunched up pillow or rolled up blanket at the small of your back may help to relieve some pressure.

It is not uncommon to roll onto your back during the night. Shifting positions is a perfectly natural part of sleep. If you do shift it is possible that the baby’s weight may press on the inferior vena cava, causing discomfort and waking you up.

I invested in a body pillow that I can wrap my legs around so that it rests comfortably in between I Also try and make sure shoulders and neck are elevated slightly with pillows as well. I actually bought a pair of Danskos to wear. I have had major surgery on both feet and swelling isn’t entirely uncommon but not like this. The Danskos do seem to help some. With my feet the cut of shoe seems to be of the up most importance in terms of swelling.

I have a pair of crocs but also have a tendency to slip so I try to be very careful when I wear them. Well, fake crocs, but same principle.

The sleeping thing might be part of the problem. I’ve had a terrible time since I got pregnant sleeping. Generally I am a stomach sleeper, not so much an option now. I’ve been sleeping on my back a good bit but elevated in a reclined position. Or I sleep on my side. The problem is that at night I tend to move a lot and so I often end up in a position I’m not supposed to be in.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Swelling, even the slightest bit can make you have to go up almost an entire shoe size I naturally suffer from edema, so I am all to familiar with the effects I should take a size 9, but always have to size up to a 10. Edema seems to be a common complaint for many pregnant women as they get further along in their pregnancies.

The one thing that can help alleviate swelling are compression pantyhose or knee highs since they stimulate the circulation in the foot and leg and push any fluids back up the leg to help improve circulation and reduce swelling. They are usually a pain to wear in the summer because of the heat, but in the cooler months they are good.

I looked around online and was able to find some compression hose for plus size pregnancy I know I will definitely need them in the next few weeks myself.

For the second link above, I’m not sure why they call it Petite makes it confusing but if you click on the sizing chart below the item and scroll to the bottom, the sizing is for full figured women.

You could probably also ask your doctor if there is somewhere in your area that sells them usually pharmacies will sell the knee highs. Just remember to never ever wear compression hose to bed/sleep I learned this the hard way!

I would keep on top of your dr air jordan 4 about this. Make sure she/he is throughly checking for other signs of pre eclampsia. I didn’t have problems with swelling until later on in my pregnancy. My feet were horrible by the end of the day. I just chalked it up to my office job and sitting all day. I figured I had my blood pressure urine checked at every visit, and clearly my dr should see I am swollen. My blood pressure was high at one appt. The jordan 6 dr still didn’t mention any concerns. Every appt after that the blood pressure machine would mess up on me so the nurse would manually take it. It was always normal. I get to the hospital to be induced and they all of a sudden discover I have pre eclampsia. I’m almost certain I had it for a while. My case ended up fine, but if it had been left untreated any longer it could have been fatal to both me and my baby.