However fastidious you are about cleaning your kitchen there is no way to avoid crumbs building up on the worktop and other surfaces. Everyone hates this it looks horrible and you get crumbs on the bottom of everything you put down.

You can of course get a wet cloth and wipe it clean each time, but that then means a wet surface, which has to dry. Far more effective is to use a table crumb brush such as the whizzkleen crumb brush it is often used in restaurants to quickly clean up the table debris after each customer.

However there are many other uses for this clever little brush including cleaning the snow off your shoes and floors, cleaning dirt air jordan 6 particles from hard to reach areas of your car and caravan (ideal for travel being so small too), cleaning areas of your carpets and rugs and it is even used to remove loose crumbs when you want a professional finish when icing a cake.

No plugs, no leads and no batteries are needed! Ideal for any job large or small! Hand held, easy and fast to air jordan 7 use! They do say the best things come in small packages and the whizzkleen proves it. The wide range is available of these stylish and effective sweeping brushes which will give a lasting service.

Almost everyone hates ironing, but there’s no getting away from it! There are however some ways of making it easier A new product to the site is this Self Adhesive Ironing Board Cover it’s the original best Self Adhesive Metalized Ironing Board Cover and it’s made in the UK using Luminex Heat Reflective Silicone Coated Fabric.

Self Adhesive Ironing Board Cover

What is so clever about it is that the material will cleverly reflect the heat thereby ironing both sides of the garment at the same time! That means you spend less time ironing! That has to be a good thing!Easy to fit once secure Stick Fit will not move or crease

No draw strings or ties

Metalized surface for smooth easy ironing

Heat reflective material irons both sides of the garment at once

This will protect your delicate garments whilst being ironed prolong the life of your clothes, and is made of a heat resistant polyester fabric. 45 x 30 centimeters (17 3/4″ x 11 3/4″). Ironing Pads will give a really smooth finish as well as protecting your garments and they easily clip onto the base of most irons.

Make sure you maintain protect your steam iron using an Iron Cleaner by wiping off those Scorch, Starch Burn marks from the plate of your iron. The Vilene ironing cleaning stick can be used with most irons but it is not recommended for use with a non stick or coated surface.

Turn the iron setting to warm and place the iron in rest position. When the iron is warm rub the sole plate lightly with the Vilene Iron Cleaner. Then wipe the iron immediately with an absorbent clean dry cloth.

Clear steam vents with a few spurts of steam and wipe dry. Avoid inhaling any fumes do not use with a hot iron. Don’t forget to descale your iron also for optimum performance too.

The Kilrock Descalene Descaler for Washing Machines Dishwashers is a powerful multi purpose descaler, ideal for descaling larger appliances and is suitable for irons, kettles, coffee machines shower heads. In a pack of air jordan 12 2 x 50g doses, it’s both safe easy to use. So now there’s no excuse for not doing the ironing!