A glacier is built up from many years of layers of ice pressing tighter and tighter. They can form huge sheets of ice. When this ice picks up particles of rock and stone as it slides down mountain slopes, it can exert tremendous friction, acting like sandpaper, and can erode away the side of a mountain. Demonstrate glacial ice erosion by mixing water and sand in a small bucket or coffee can, and placing jordan 5 it in a freezer. When frozen solid, remove it from the freezer and allow it to melt slightly so that the ice will slide out of the bucket or can. Locate an old painted piece of wood. Putting on gloves, hold the ice and scrape it back and forth over the wood. Eventually, your sample glacial ice will erode the coat of paint, wearing it away and exposing the wood underneath.

Search your neighborhood for signs of soil erosion caused by water run off during heavy rain storms. Check the downspouts from rain gutters around your home and school. Note if there are bricks, a hole filled with stones, or other types of devices that air jordan 12 have been placed at the bottom of downspouts in an attempt to prevent the moving rain water from making a hole in the ground and washing away soil. Observe whether these efforts are working, or whether there is still evidence of erosion around the downspout areas.

A swiftly moving stream, even if it is small, has the ability to erode sand particles and carry them great distances. Show that the velocity of moving water is more able to erode and move sand particles than the same volume of water that moves at a slower velocity. Nail two 2 by 4 eight foot long pieces of lumber together to form a “V”. Outdoors, place one end of the “V” up on the third rung of a step ladder, making a ramp. Evenly line the ramp with sand one or two inches deep. At the bottom of the ramp, lay a large plastic trash bag out flat. Fill a plastic gallon milk jug with water. At the top of the ramp, slowly pour out the water until the jug is empty. The plastic bag will catch any sand particles that have been “eroded.” Weigh these sand particles. Refill the ramp with sand to the same depth as before. Lay a new trash bag out at the bottom of the ramp. Fill the milk jug with water. This time, pour the water from the jug quickly. Compare jordan 5 the amount of sand eroded from the slow moving water to that of higher velocity. Note that the same volume of water was used each time. Take this project one step further by changing the slope of the ramp and comparing results of steeper and shallower slopes.

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Property lines contiguous with freshwater ponds, lagoons or small lakes often suffer the effects of coastal erosion arising from the scraping of.