Satisfied with the answers or not, the answers are there. Sometimes the answer is Magic, sometimes it’s the Island, and sometimes your question is dumb. But each question does have an answer. If you read the remainder of these and find that you still have questions, feel free to message me or send one to this LOST Answers blog. I still have some creator approved things to say about Christian Shephard, Jack becoming a new Smoke Monster, and many other things that may or may not blow your mind. Ask me sometime.

When the LOST finale aired, the folks at fellow cutuppery CollegeHumor released a video of LOST’s 100 lingering questions.

It was assimilated by Nike Free Run the Island and transferred to the Sideways world. There is more to this, but basically whenever we saw Christian in a suit and white shoes, it was Enlightened Christian Shephard who was going back and forth between the Sideways and Real World, trying to help the survivors survive and save the world. When we saw Christian in rags, that was The Smoke Monster pretending to be Christian.

Why did the psychic say that Claire had to fly on Oceanic 815, and why did he insist that her son had to be raised by Claire?

He was revealed to be a fraud.

Why did the Others want Walt so badly?

Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in the hospital?

A person who knew her mother was being treated for cancer in the hospital.

How does Walt know about the Hatch and why does he warn Locke not to open it?

He knew about the Hatch because he was special and had premonitions and powers and such. He warned Locke because many bad things happened in that Hatch. At one point, Locke had a gun to his head in the Hatch. At another, his legs got crushed underneath a giant metal door. At another, he panicked while the Hatch was about to explode. Much death came as a result of opening the Hatch, and Walt sensed those things. He was a dumb kid and didn’t understand the full picture. So, yeah. Don’t open the Hatch, Mr. Locke.

Why does Nike Roshe Run the Smoke Monster make mechanical sounds?

It is the sound it makes. Why do dogs’ barks sound like barks?

How is Walt able to apparate before Shannon?

How did Walt communicate with Michael using the Swan computer?

That was not Walt. It was the Others posing as him to get Nike Free Run Michael to come to them.

What is the deal with Kate and that horse?

I’m still not sure what the deal with airplane food is, but I’m pretty sure the horse was the Smoke Monster taking its form.

Why are supplies still being dropped on the island after the purge, and by whom?

To keep Desmond and Kelvin alive, so they could keep pushing the button. People in the employ of the Others made the scheduled drops so the button pushers believed DHARMA was still intact.

What triggered the lockdown, and why on earth would anyone trigger it so that during the lockdown, black lights would go on?

The food drop triggered the lockdown. Why on earth is the second part of this question a concern of anyone?