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The book (obviously) just has more detail. I really liked the book for Belfort honesty. He never tries to make you like him or make himself seem like a Nike Free Run good guy. Ultimately while reading the book one second you rooting for him to Nike Free Run succeed, kick the drugs, and sort his life out and then you remember he only wrote the book because of how big of a piece of shit he telling you he is. I think a lot of scenes from the movie differed from the book because they would require adding in extra characters for only one scene which really wouldn make sense and could be confusing to the audience. Also, I think the point of the movie was to illustrate the ridiculous amounts of money they made and how insanely they partied for the sake of entertaining the audience while the book was more in depth about his actual life.

Even when I knew nothing about dress shoes, I stayed away from them. I wouldn pay more than $25 for them, new.

JD Fisk does not have the best quality, but they imitate it well at the same price point, and Perry Ellis Portfolio occasionally has some dirt cheap plasticky Nike Roshe Run shoes that are comfy and look good (for a little while). He for some reason tends to always end up with Steve Madden shoes never the tennis shoes/trainer style, but the leather dressier shoes. Worn every single day, they last well over a year for him before he replaces them. He doesn replace them before they are falling apart, but because he has ridiculous sensitive feet and after about a year of wear any shoes will bother his feet.

It a normal basic tennis shoe with boot styling with the wannabe boot hooks.

Those fat canvas laces are not very attractive being grey on grey and that huge shape that will look even worse as the days go by.

That excess skin thing that you can button on or off is functionally useless which means there much be an aesthetic to it. which I find it hard to see.

A tennis shoe should be a tennis shoe, a boot a boot, sure there can be some unique characteristics to each one but this is a good example of overkill, with a “skate shoe” feel to top it off.