According to the Sperry Nike Free Run Top Sider website, this shoe was invented Nike Free Run because of a cocker spaniel named Prince. It seems that Prince was outside frolicking in the snow when his owner noticed that Prince was” remarkably stable” even at full speed on the snow and ice. Prince’s owner was Paul Sperry and the idea for Sperry Top Siders sprouted in his brain while watching his dog back in 1935. Anyone who has been sailing or fishing knows that this shoe is great for traction near water. Yet even if you do not sail or fish, the Sperry Top Sider is easy to care for, attractive and comfortable shoe to own.

To dry a wet pair of Sperry Top Siders, place Nike Roshe Run crumpled paper inside each shoe. Do not over stuff. Throw the pillowcase in with a like colored load of laundry. Remove the pillowcase from washer. Hang the shoelaces to dry.