In the “free loving” decade where polyester pants dominated the fashion scene, bowlers and chemists began investigating ways to make softer balls out of plastic. Nike Free Run At this time a ball hardness reading of 72 on a durometer reader was established to prevent the ultra soft balls from making their way into professional competition. By Nike Free Run 1980, a polyurethane ball had become the norm, allowing for a better grip by the bowler which in turn helped control the angles and hooks that a person aimed for. By 1990, a resin cover had been added to the outside of the balls for even more traction control.

Today’s balls are largely the same polyurethane, resin covered balls from the 1990s, except now the balls can be balanced specifically to help bowlers with the different techniques they use to get the pins down. Some balls can be balanced to be “full rollers,” meaning they do not hook as well, versus a “3/4 roller,” which provides a better hook with more power. People in the bowling community say that technology has diminished the need for skilled bowlers and increased the odds of science winning over technique.

More than 100 million people bowl worldwide. There are thousands of recreational leagues in the United States alone. The Federation Internationale des.

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Before trading in your old bowling ball or tossing it in the attic, consider turning it into a decorative yard ornament or.

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ABC Bowling Balls Rules

ABC Bowling Balls Rules. Nike Free Run The ABC (American Bowling Congress) merged with other leading bowling organizations, including the Young American Bowling Alliance, in.