Alleged lying to an officer to protect a friend gets several people in trouble with the law

What if a Sandy 20 something crashes Nike Roshe Run his pickup, destroying several road signs in the process, then calls his friend (a tow truck driver) to remove the pickup from the scene before police discover the Nike Roshe Run crime and impound it, then runs from the scene and calls for a ride home from another friend?

Dustin M. Wickizer, 27, Sandy, was charged with allegedly masterminding the scheme to avoid detection and prosecution for the early morning hit and run crash.

The officer could not find the fleeing driver in the dark, and returned to the crash scene to find a tow truck driver trying to load the crashed vehicle onto a truck.

When answering questions for The Post, the officer used the words to conceal the crime, when he described the actions and intent of the tow truck driver as well as Wickizer.

The officer said it wasn easy determining and locating the owner of the vehicle. He used the word when he described the way he tried to locate the suspect.

In fact, it took quite a bit of investigating to be able to confront the tow truck driver with the fact he had been lying about the so called favor he was supposedly doing for a close personal friend (Wickizer).

But after finally getting truthful information from a mutual friend, the officer was able to confront the tow truck driver, who still did not convince the officer he Nike Free Run was telling the truth because his story kept changing.

Surveying the crash scene before leaving the area, the officer estimated the damage the crash caused would be valued at a minimum of several hundred dollars, while damage to the pickup would be much more.

After the sun had risen, when this officer was off duty, a day shift officer located the pickup driver home.

Wickizer was cited for hit and run, and is scheduled to appear in Clackamas County Circuit Court Monday, June 24, to answer the charges.

The fate of the tow truck driver and the company he works for has not yet been decided. The driver was not cited the night of the incident, even though the officer felt he was trying to conceal evidence and protect his friend from criminal prosecution. But the case was referred to the district attorney for review and possible action against the tow company or its driver.