: No Nike Roshe Run shoes Dancemat Hello, and welcome to my first instructable, which will teach you how to make a dancemat using the MaKeyMaKey. I’d Nike Free Run suggest slipping some music on, maybe some Nike Free Run Disasterpeace or Renard or something. Get your four sheets of coroflute and stick them together with duct tape. Flip the board over!Step 3: Measure it up. Cut off the triangles. This makes it easier to use with shorter cables, by providing an easy connection point. The pads are created by glueing the foil to the coroflute. Pretty simple, huh?Step 7: Strengthen the pads. This allows you to complete the circuit and trigger a key. This is made by wrapping a strip of card in foil. Connect the MaKeyMaKey to each of the connectors created in step 5. Connect ground to the armband and the directional keys to each pad. Using the triangles from earlier you can arrange and create a second pad! Just arrange the triangles, stick them together, measure like in step 3 and .