Inspired by the Footloose Cowboy BootsIt started innocently enough when I first coveted the red cowboy boots in Footloose but then it only took a few clicks later before I discovered vibrant turquoise cowboy boots.

You soon discover there’s a whole rainbow of fabulous colors that cowboy boots come in whether embroidered or in terrific two stone styles and it’s quite addictive to keep searching for one more beautiful boot than the next.

Western wear and turquoise have a long standing tradition in places like Santa Fe and there’s nothing more beautiful and bold when air jordan 4 it’s incorporated in a boot.

I’ve spent a ton of time scouring the web to find you some of the most delicious styles of turquoise cowboy boots from teal to aquamarine and I couldn’t help but throw in some additional possibilities in ocean blue, sky blue, jordan 6 robin’s egg blue, ice blue and more.

Also click on any of the photos or descriptions to see if your size is in stock.

Turqouise Cowboy Boots on eBay Check Out Retro Vintage StylesThe great thing about cowboy boots is that they get better with age so even if they’re broken in or used, they have that great vintage, retro look. You’ll find both new and used possibilities on eBay. Click on any of the beauties below to check out the selection of turquoise cowboy boots available on eBay.

If you’re uncomfortable about buying shoes online, rest assured that whether you buy from Zappos or Amazon, both companies accept returns. With Zappos shipping is free both ways and they accept returns up to 365 days later. Amazon has recently announced a more liberal return policy with shoes and they now offer from the original purchase date.

I’ve been finding lately that shopping places like those gigantic self serve shoe warehouses that I still can’t find what I’m looking for. And it’s no wonder when you’re looking for specific colors and unique styles. I think stores just can’t take a risk on stocking one of a kind, unique air jordan 9 looking shoes and boots in every color and size.

My husband and I have recently started buying shoes online. One trick is to find a shoe line or boot manufacturer that you love and try them on in a retail store then you know your size for sure. That means unworn and with the same pristine shoebox.

Just like a regular department store, either company won’t accept returns when it’s been obvious the shoe has been worn outside. Be careful with breaking in a shoe even inside the house so that it won’t get scuffed. So if you find after walking around inside the house for a week, your boots are not that comfortable, you may or may not be able to return them.

This collection of turquoise cowboy boots was inspired by watching the 2011 remake of Footloose. What’s your favorite color cowboy boot? Or do you have a favorite brand? What would be at the top of your wish list if you could have any pair of fancy cowboy boots, what color and style would you pick?