Next we’re going to talk about walking in heels and walking in the Cat Walk. The shoe should always be high heeled, in my opinion. Because it makes the legs appear longer. Even if you’re a tall girl, you should be wearing heels. My good advice is that wear different styles of shoes, everyday. This one, is one of my flawless Pageant shoes, actually. This one has an ankle strap. So if you wear it everyday, your ankles might get really tired. But it has a high heel, so I like it. And it has a small platform but it’s kind of, hidden. Usually, platforms aren’t allowed. But if it’s hidden like this, no one will say anything. So if I would wear this on Air Jordan 13s Monday. I would pick something, without an ankle strap for Tuesday. But I always wear stilettos, anyway with. Almost the same thing, it has almost a hidden platform. This is a little more obvious. So I wouldn’t wear it on stage, necessarily. If they said, no platforms. And then there’s the classic example of Pageant shoes. It’s just a normal black shoe. Air Jordan 12s It’s closed, it’s a really basic thing. But I find these, that they hurt my feet. It’s really a matter of opinion and how your own feet are. But mine are, mine hurt in these. So I just keep changing the style. That’s how you avoid your feet Air Jordan 6s from getting tired and just don’t have to call in sick. Because your feet can be so sore that you just don’t want to walk, one day. After a long Pageant, you might be like that. So take care of them. You should have a pair of, another pair of shoes in your bag. KOBE 9 Just in case, that they. The shoe you’re wearing, starts hurting. Because if you let your feet go blistered, you won’t walk the next day. The basic tips for Cat Walk would be, don’t look down when you walk. The feet are there, you Air Jordan 2011 don’t need to make sure, they’re there. You walk, one foot in front of the other. Rather than, legs spread apart. And keep your back straight. While walking, don’t bend your knees too much. Because you appear shorter and it just looks, plain weird. A lot of girls do that, when they’re not used to heels. With a long gown, we do a figure eight. It’s basically, you walk in a figure eight. That means you don’t make a drastic turn. It’s, you walk in a circle. In two circles. So that your gown doesn’t go under your heel or anything. And those are the basic tips.