The Homeland Season 2 finale aired Sunday night. The episode started slow but ended with a show begins with Carrie and Brody back at the place where their romance began, at Carrie family cabin. This time, there are no false pretenses and no secrets between them. The only secret both Carrie and Brody are unaware of is Quinn watchful eye from across the lake. Air Jordan 15s David Estes has ordered him to kill Brody but he can take his shot until Brody is alone. It doesn look like Carrie will leave his side now that she has him all to herself.

She shares with Brody how hurt she was when her mother left during her childhood. Something she never shared before with anyone. Letting him in Air Jordan 3s even closer.

Carrie and Brody continue a dialogue about what life would be like for the two of them as a couple. Carrie admits she would be forced to give up her Nike LeBron 12 career to be with him. They discuss her mental illness again and while Brody says that doesn scare him, she admits that he scares her. Is that what attracts her to him?

In the morning, Carrie leaves him alone to get croissants for breakfast. Immediately after she leaves, Brody walks out of the cabin with a red carpet folded under one arm. He takes a path through the trees, lays down the prayer rug, takes off his shoes and kneels. With the warmth of the eastern sun on his face, Brody raises his open palms and prays to Allah. Meanwhile, Quinn steps in through the trees, holding Brody in the sites of his high powered rifle.

Next thing the viewers see is Carrie car driving up the driveway. She walks through the house Air Jordan 13s calling Brody name. Is he alive?

Yes, he just on the back porch pulling on his shoes. What happened? Quinn had the shot.

Brody and Carrie have yet another relationship discussion. Brody leaves the choice to Carrie on their future. up to you, he says. in. reappears. In the dark corner of Estes bedroom. He informs Estes that he refuses to kill Brody because his information was and killing him would destroy Carrie. He holding a handgun with a silencer in his lap. He approaches Estes and warns him not to touch Brody or he be back in this room waiting for Estes one night.

Brody meets with Mike over a beer. He tells him he splitting up with Jess. He thanks Mike for taking care of his family for the past eight years and then makes an odd request. He tells Mike he keep taking care of them because he right now. Estes is threatened by Quinn, he releases Saul. He lies directly to Saul face and says he called off the hit on Brody.

Brody goes by the house to get dressed for the Walden memorial. Dana is there waiting. She asks him about the day he was putting on the vest. It becomes clear to her that he would have done those things. He says, I didn And I wouldn now. Has he really changed? First he was loyal to the Marines, then to Nazir, then to Nazir and the CIA. Can he really be trusted?

Saul invites Carrie to attend Nazir burial. She declines because she seeing Brody at the memorial later. Saul informs her he intends to make her the youngest new Station Chief. When she isn he asks why and quickly discerns it Brody. Saul reminds her of exactly what and who Brody is. A man who put on a suicide vest. A terrorist. She doesn want to hear it.

At the Walden memorial, Brody exits his car in the parking lot and greets Cynthia Walden outside. He escorts her inside and shakes hands with Finn. He killed Cynthia husband and Finn dad but is playing the devoted friend. Clearly he hasn changed much. Carrie and Brody exchange glances during the memorial service. Carrie leaves the room. Brody follows. They go separate ways but meet in Saul office where Carrie gives Brody her decision. Her choice is him. While happily, Air Jordan 2010 Brody sees his car through the window. He says he didn park it there.

Just as Nazir body is dropped into the ocean, Brody vehicle explodes. Did somebody really move it? If so, who? Galvez? Quinn? Brody? Could he have run outside to move it before he met Carrie?

Carrie gets up from the blast and holds Brody at gunpoint. She finally going to arrest him. Until he convinces her that he didn do it. She takes him to someone who provides him with a new identity. They are running away together.

Meanwhile, Saul arrives on the scene at the CIA. Brody family is watching the events on TV. Special agents show up to search the house. The tape that Brody made before he was going to blow himself up in the vest airs on the news. Brody family sees it at home and Brody sees it while waiting for his new credentials. Who released it?

Carrie drives Brody to a point where he can safely hike across the border to safety. It seems as though he really does love her and that he might be telling the truth after all. As she cries, he whispers love, in her ear, kisses her cheek and buries his face in her neck before he disappears into the darkness. She staying behind to clear his name so they can then be together again. Can she do it? Is there romantic hope for a CIA agent and a former terrorist?