During light therapy treatment, you sit close to a light box with the lights turned on and your eyes open and uncovered. This can cause eye irritation, which is a common side effect, according to Columbia University. Try not to look directly at the lights. Read, write, or do other activities that will allow you to sit by the light box with your eyes open but will take away Air Jordan 16s the temptation to look at the lights. If you are still experiencing irritation, Air Jordan 12s you can ask your doctor if you could sit a little farther from the lights, use them for a shorter length of time or use a humidifier in the room to avoid drying your eyes too much.

While light therapy can cause irritation, the University Air Jordan CDP of Washington Counseling Center indicates that light therapy can’t harm the retina or cause or accelerate any eye disease. However, if you have any existing visual problems other than needing eyeglasses or contacts, you should consult your doctor before beginning light therapy.

It is possible to overreact to light therapy, although this side effect is rare. If you overreact to light Air Jordan Fusion 5 therapy, you might feel “on” or “too high” after treatment. You might have difficulty sleeping, become restless during the day and you might even be irritable. You are at a higher risk for overreaction if you have SAD and experience similar “too high” symptoms in KOBE 9 the late spring and summer. You should alert your doctor right away if you feel that your body might be overreacting to light therapy.

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