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2. Hate speech is not permitted. Read more.

3. Air Jordan 2010 Do not deliberately Nike Air Foamposite One disrupt the community.

4. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.

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January 2009 Birth Board Rules

1. No profanity will be allowed in the title of a thread. If profanity is used, it will be deleted without discussion!

2. Profanity within a thread that is directed at a specific person or a group of Jan 09′ mommies will also not be tollerated. Your post(s) will be deleted

3. Debating/Discussing on this board is more than welcome. However, if we feel that the thread is getting out of hand it will be closed to Air Jordan 14s any further commenting or deleted. Please keep all heated topics for the Debate Board here on BBC.

4. Spin off threads If a thread is closed due to inappropriateness you can not create a thread that calls out another person that you were arguing with in that thread. Nor can you create a thread where a group of members start discussing the actions of another poster with in that closed thread. Those types Air Jordan CDP of spin off threads are not going to be tolerated here.

Please remember calling someone a “Troll” is a personal attack.

Here is a Air Jordan 19s link for simple how to’s.

At the bottom of our home page is a place where you are able to upload pictures. BBC has a limit on those, so once it is maxed out please let a GO know so we can start deleting the oldest pictures first. With that said, please make sure to save your pictures on your computer as well. Because at some point those pictures will all be deleted.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the GO’s

Currently we have a thread for Jan 09 mommas to sell stuff. Here is the link to read about it (the rules and such. And here is the link to sell it. If you have questions, feel free to PAN to a GO.