How often do you find yourself still dealing with things that you half way finished? Not me, you say.

Ok, what about that big pile of magazines you ordered but never have time to read? Did you start a high protein diet, but now eat carbs and just feel guilty? (oh come on know who you are!) What about that bathroom remodel that still needs the baseboards installed? Taxes need filing? Checkbook need balancing? Ever have a conversation play over and over in your head, wishing you would have said something you didn Still paying on credit cards for things you bought months (years?) ago? Are you clinging to an idea about what you parents or siblings to be? What about the money you borrowed from your sister, but haven repaid? The birthday/wedding/baby gift you still haven bought and Air Jordan 2010 sent? The apology you owe a friend? Are you still angry Air Jordan 3s over Aunt Suzie remarks from last Christmas? Are you perpetuating a lie that seems to be Nike KD 7 right on your heels most days?

The recent World Series brought to our attention the history that surrounds Yankee Stadium. In an interview, one of the pitchers mentioned that although the aura of past extraordinary players was strong, he was not pitching to Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle. If he wanted to WIN, he had to deal with today lineup.

If you want to WIN, you too must deal with today lineup.

Yet, how often do you allow your past to control your actions today? Did you skip Thanksgiving Dinner because you feel uncomfortable around your cousin who made some irritating remarks last Christmas? Do you feel anxious and depressed because Christmas is coming soon and you don have the extra money in the budget to buy gifts? Do you bark at your husband every time you look at the shelves he started but didn finish in your daughter room?

It no wonder that you feel like you get up every morning wearing concrete shoes. Not only do you have to deal with what the day brings, but you are carrying a backpack FULL of yesterday leftovers. And every day that you allow more and more to accumulate, it gets heavier and heavier.

Today, I would like you to think about how much easier your life would be if you made just one commitment in your life: Finish Whatever You Started

1. Make a new commitment that any NEW thing you start will be completely finished, either by declaring an end to it, Nike Air Foamposite One doing it yourself, or delegating the job to someone else.

2. Start to clean up FULLY, one at a time, any thing that happened in the past that still nags at you. Be patient, but persistent. Use the list above as examples, but carefully consider things from your own life. You can usually identify these things by how they make you feel mad, guilt, shame, etc. As you go along, remember to set up a new ideal for living A way of living that Finishes What You Started. For example, if you still paying on LAST Christmas, determine that you will handle this Christmas in a different way.

3. Seek help when you need it, instead of just letting it drag you down. FREE yourself from the past. Air Jordan Spizike Be ready to react to today opportunities, not the ghosts of time gone by. Get yourself some nice leather shoes instead of those ugly concrete ones. Feel how much lighter and easier you can move through your day without all those rocks in your backpack.