Hi, do you want to look nice this summer? Hi, I’m Wendi Braswell, Style Expert, here today to show you how to dress nice for the summer. First of all, number one rule for summertime is dresses; dresses, dresses, dresses. I can’t stress that enough. Get dresses because they’re so on trend in color, lightweight fabrics. You can get a maxi which is a longer dress, a shorter dress with ruffles. Let’s go to our model. This is as great Air Jordan 20s lightweight summer dress. This is right Air Jordan 13s on trend with the tank top and the ruffles and then a neutral, the gray which is a hot, hot, hot Air Jordan 3s right now. This is all one dress. It looks like a skirt in the bottom; so cute. Great if you want to look really cute during the summer. You can put this with the little get, gladiator flat. Now, we pair it with a strappy nude heel which is amazing and it keeps the leg line open and it keeps it light for summer. So, you want to look cute and dress lightweight in the summer. You don’t want to look too heavy or too dark. Another thing is accessories and you want to add color; summer’s all about colors and the beach and it just really accentuates that tan if you have one. So, I’m going to show you a lightweight scarf; you want to have a lightweight fabric. This one has a little bit of color and little bit of texture in it. So, we’re just going to place this around her neck and we’re going to let it hang. Love it. It adds one more element. She doesn’t look like she’s going skiing or anything ’cause it’s lightweight. Great look for the summer. Now, we’re going to take this and flip it around. This is pretty much the LA way, I call it. You see pretty much celebrities all year long wearing it like this. Get her hair out a little bit. Awesome. Awesome trend. So, there you go. We had a little bit of color, more interest to the outfit ’cause you got another layer and a little bit of sparkle around her face. Summer is about beads as well and jewelry, lightweight accessories. So, I found Air Jordan 17s a really cute beaded bracelet. Let’s put this on you and again, that completes the outfit. Her hair is up in a pony which is right on trend this summer. You look chic, cute, ready for that summer outing. Have Air Jordan CDP fun, enjoy your summer.