Humble Beginnings of the Basketball ShoeWe can date the basketball shoe to around the 1920s, which is the first time people really took the concept of outfitting feet specifically for the sport seriously. It couldn’t be known at the time what a huge industry these shoes would one day become as the ripple effect saw them impact not only on the court activities but fashion and culture too. In the modern age every mainstream sport has a huge amount of quality equipment available, but not all of it has found its way into fashionable outfits or comfort clothing, basketball shoes on the other hand (no pun intended) certainly have.

ConverseWhen I bought my first pair of Converse back when I was a kid, I didn’t even realize that they were initially designed for the sport, but after first hitting the court back in 1907 converse have been a huge impacting factor on shoes we see today. If we asked our grandparents and great grandparents they would tell us that almost every serious hoop shooter would have worn these. In the modern age you’re far more likely to see them accompanying a pair of jeans than an NBA match but for 40 years they were the market leader, believed to have topped 600 million pairs of shoes!

The 1970s and 1980sIt was around the 1970s that other shoe manufacturers seriously started to enter the market. It was Nike that made key moves, as their Blazer model “the shoe with the swoosh” became one of the most popular shoes Air Jordan 2s among professionals. By the 80s, other manufacturers had started to see the potential in this market and added their two cents to the market, Adidas becoming another main competitor with their Ewings range. Converse weren’t completely forgotten and were still worn on the court, but they weren’t the powerhouse they used to be.

Sponsorship and Modern ShoesNowadays Air Jordan 3s the range of shoes is wide open, we have Air Jordan 5s basketball shoes from brands mentioned above as well as reebok and Under Armour among many others who are trying to make their way in the sporting goods market. There were many areas of the game that a certain pro called Michael Jordan affected, and shoes were yet another, when Air Jordan 23s he put his name to the Air Jordan shoe the world of sponsoring and putting celebrity names to shoes was born. Nowadays this is common practice and adds to the thousands of variations available, but it was truly owed to Michael Jordan’s revolution!

A Video on the History of Basketball Shoes

The future of Basketball ShoesLooking forward, as Basketball shoe manufacturers and big brands such as Adidas and Nike continue to grow and dominate globally, new technologies will inevitably become available. The scene now is very different to how it was say 15 years ago, in the next 15 years who knows what we will see? My prediction is that increased personal touches and shoes specific to your foot size Air Jordan 10 and shape will play a big part, as well as customization of designs, plus of course evolution in comfort and performance.

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