Traveling often creates visions of luggage panic. Did I bring everything I need? Did I forget anything? Should I have brought a few extra pairs of shoes? It never feels like there is enough space for all of our shoes, clothes, accessories, and toiletries. To make matters worse, most airlines are now charging fees for checked baggage, prompting more travelers to strictly travel with carry on items. Strive to find a pair that can work with multiple outfits in a variety of environments. In most cases a metallic silver, gold or bronze is both sexy and functional across multiple color palettes. For a more traditional color, black is always safe. In a variety of prints and colors, flats are a really fun way to spice up your look. A great color choice is red, as it adds a pop of color to your wardrobe, and when paired with a simple color palette, looks amazing. Flats Air Jordan 6s are also a great shoe to wear when out and about on your Air Jordan 7s trip, and now come designed with comfort in mind. Check out Cole Haan Air flats, designed with Nike Air technology for superb cushioning!3. SandalsEvery woman needs a great pair of sandals. With styles ranging from gladiators, slides, thongs, t straps, toe ring, jeweled and beaded sandals, there are a plethora of options available to fit your fashion desires. It may be possible to even cheat a bit and slide two pairs in your bag. Avoid traveling with blistered feet from wearing shoes that were not appropriate for long amounts of walking and sightseeing. There are now so many great pairs of tennis shoes available that do not look like clunky workout shoes. With the amount of use they will get, it is definitely worth investing in a pair you love, even if it comes with a higher Air Jordan Fusion 5 price tag. A beach vacation is going to be very different than a safari, a safari very different from skiing. Although these trips are more extreme in their weather, which requires a very different type of packing, the same method of selecting shoes remains true. Try to keep it limited to four total pairs, and swap out one pair for another if need be. Kirsten has become an expert on travel style, providing tips tricks, packing lists, travel Air Jordan Fusion 4 planning and Jordan Winterized 6 Rings recommendations, shopping guides, and reviews on fashion and boutique hotels across the world. Her advice and tips have been featured on numerous fashion and travel sites across the web.

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