There are things called “meta tags” which are behind your page and lies within your Air Jordan 9s HTML code. You can let the search engines know by describing your some aspects of your pages by giving a short note through these Meta tags which resides within the code. There are some who are still debating over this topic by saying it doesn’t carry that much importance but it has been agreed that it should not be ignored as well.

It is always good to have the basic idea and knowledge of these Meta tags whether you are getting your website build through a website designer or you are building it yourself.

As said above, one of the key factors is to frequently use the most important keywords. This should also go with by putting them in right places and of course, the content readability should not at all be compromised. Now, the common questions which come to mind at this stage are:

1) what is the definition of “frequent” here?

3) How about if you want to target different couple of keywords.

4) How much should be the minimum to maximum word count of my pages? Etc.

Here you go with the answers for the same:

1) what is the definition of “frequent” here?

Your site’s relevancy and readability will decrease if you fill up each and every page with each and every keyword you are planning to target. The visitors on your site and the search engines will object and the search engines would not give a second thought for considering your site as spam. Also, the visitors on your site will find a difficult time in reading your site if it would be Air Jordan 8s of no meaning.

It is likely and would be good if you have density of 2% of the keywords usage. For example: If you have page where the word count reaches up to 300 and you have used the keyword for 15 times, then the density is 5%.

When you actually get on with this, you will come across a situation that 2% isn’t achievable as easy it seems. The simpler and easiest way as said is to be more specific. Let’s consider a situation here Whenever you are writing a sentence you can try Nike KD 7 asking yourself whether you can be more specific. The sentences where you thought of just writing computers, is there any chance of replacing with cheap assembled computers. Instead of writing products, our products, won’t it be more worth writing cheap assembled computers? Once, you are through with this kind of practice, you will figure out that there are many occasions and situations where you can replace with generic keyword with your chosen keyword phrase.

Ensure that you are not repeating the same keyword phrase again and again. You may need to sometimes think of putting yourself into visitor’s shoes to see how actually the site’s content appears. It should not make the visitor loose the interest when on your site. If you come across such situations, you may need to reframe your sentences in a better way.

This is something very important: You need not worry about the density everytime for each and every page. Some pages might have high density and some may have low, it shouldn’t be Air Jordan Women Size a problem. Bottom line is to have an average of 2% should be maintained throughout.

While analyzing your website on what it is all about, the search engines pay attention very closely on the words which you have been using in your headings and text links. Air Jordan Future Hence, you have to ensure that these two are keyword rich.