Find an online wholesaler to buy shoes from at a wholesale price or find a diabetic shoe selling program online like Safe Step. Register as a member at the site of Air Jordan DMP your choice, whether it is an online wholesaler or a selling program, and get started. With a program like Safe Step, members register for free and receive a start up kit which includes measuring tools, forms, billing methods and sample shoes to show their customers. Whatever program you chose, be sure you have ways to properly fit a client foot to a shoe and sample shoes to show them.

Expand your customer base. Work with a local doctor, nursing home, diabetic supply center or treatment facility to network with diabetic patients in order to find customers for your shoes. Ask doctors to give references to their patients about you. Keep in mind that not every patient will have an immediate need for a new pair of shoes. Having patience and friendly persistence will increase your likelihood of selling to customers.

If you want to, set up a website to sell your shoes on. This provides a way for patients to look through, compare and buy your shoes without leaving their home.

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