Hey, whats up? Chris here, and Jordan 10 Retro today we’re going to be learning how to draw a witch with a robe. So, we’re going to start with Air Jordan 5s the witches hat, so we’re going to take a circle, not a whole circle but a line going like that around and we’re going to go up, make a line and a line back down and some lines there and that is the Air Jordan 17s witches hat. Come around here, make this line here on the inside and that is the brim of the hat and we’re going to bring that around, fill that in. Now I’m going to add some hair with a thicker marker and here’s the witches hair. Now we’re going to do Air Jordan 9s the witches face, this will come down and here’s the nose, lines, teeth, chin and his neck and it wouldn’t be the same without hair coming out of it, another little ring for the eye, lines around there and there and we’re going to give her a robe. Here’s the sleeves and here’s a little rope, waste band, here’s the bottom of the robe and here is the other sleeve, now we’ll go back to the witch hands. These are hands, pretty easy to draw, little squiggly monster Jordan Winterized 6 Rings hands and those witch shoes and the lines across to show the shoes, a little lines in the robe and there you have it. I am Chris, and this is how you draw a witch with a robe.