Once you are sure Fido is safe in his cage, practice some tough love. Dogs Jordan 8 Retro do not respond well to punishment. In fact, the after effects of scolding and yelling at a dog can be disastrous. Ignoring the Air Jordan 7s dog when it is behaving inappropriately is a much better option. If the dog knows that you will come running every time it barks or whines, it will continue to do so. Once it realizes that its shenanigans are getting it nowhere, the dog should begin to pipe down and understand that cage time is quiet time.

Sometimes getting a dog to be quiet in its cage can take a true test of wills. To make the Nike LeBron 12 transition easier, Air Jordan Fusion 5 move the cage to an area where the dog can see you at all times. This will help it feel secure as it becomes acclimated. Once the dog eases into the idea that the cage is a safe place and not a punishment, it will be less restless, at which point you can move it to a preferred area. Placing a personal item in the cage such as an old shirt, blanket or Air Jordan 2010 bath towel that has your scent on it is also comforting to a dog getting acquainted with a cage.