It is called Oxiclean because it is an oxygen based cleaner that can solve the toughest stain and dirt from blood stains to simple juice stains. This may not be the most effective cleaning solution, though. Sometimes, it will take several treatments or stronger formulation Nike KD 7 before Oxiclean can resolve that stain. But at least, you are sure that you are using an environment friendly stain remover.

The following enumerates how to use Oxiclean on various household items:

Carpet. Oxiclean can be used to remove carpet stains and deodorize it. Start it by mixing about 1/8 scoop of the cleaner with one pint warm or hot water. Shake this mixture thoroughly. This mixture will be effective within six hours. Squirt some of the mixture on the stains. Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing the carpet with Air Jordan 15s fresh water. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly when it’s completely dry. You can use the same cleaning technique for carpet padding, upholstery, and couches.

Curtains. Mix one to four scoops of Oxiclean with a gallon of hot water. Use this to soak yellowish, smoke stained, and dingy curtains, tennis shoes, wedding dresses, and KOBE 9 sheers for at least 30 minutes. Make it 60 minutes for worse stains. Rinse them thoroughly using fresh water and let them dry.

Laundry stains. Add a scoop of Oxiclean to every load of your laundry, along with the regular laundry detergent. These two are great cleaning partners that are also safe for the laundry. Don’t use Oxiclean with silk or wool, though. Meanwhile, for tougher laundry strains, better soak the clothes overnight in the same mixture before washing them as you would normally Air Jordan Spizike do with a washing machine.

Sponges, mops, and rags. Mix 1/8 scoop of Oxiclean with two cups of hot water. Soak these cleaning helpers in this solution for at least 30 minutes. Rinse them thoroughly after the soaking.

Tiles and grouts. Mix 1/8 scoop of Oxiclean with a pint of warm water. Use this solution for regular cleaning. For removing stains, you should use a different solution. Make a paste out of Oxiclean by mixing it with some drops of water. Put the paste on the grout or the tiles and let it sit there for an hour or overnight. After that, scrub the area and then rinse thoroughly.

Mold and mildew. Mix one to four scoops of Oxiclean with a gallon of water. Apply this mixture on the mold or mildew. Scrub the area with a sponge or a brush. Wait Nike LeBron 11 for about 30 minutes before rinsing off the solution.

Coffee pot stains. Sprinkle some Oxiclean on the coffee pot. Add some hot water and let the solution stand there for about 15 minutes. Rinse the coffee pot thoroughly after.

General kitchen cleaning. Mix half scoop of Oxiclean with four cups of hot water. Make more solution if you need more. Use this for cleaning the entire kitchen. This can deodorize the sink, cutting boards, and Tupperware, too. Use this also for regular cleaning of the floor, table, chairs, and tiles.

Having Oxiclean around the house will be very helpful for any cleaning solution that you need. The ways enumerated here on how to use this cleaning agent are only few. Read the instruction and discover more of its cleaning capacity.