To prepare for doing ballet in pointe shoes, concentrate on the one thing that is going to compensate for maybe not getting exactly the right fit on your first fitting. It is not the way you sew the pointe shoe ribbons or the toe padding that you use. It is not how good a Air Jordan 12s teacher you have or the quality of the floor you dance on. Luckily, it is something you have power over, and no one can take it away Nike LeBron 12 from you. It is the strength in your tiny foot muscles.

The advantages of developing your intrinsic foot muscles (the ones that are in your feet and are not extensions of leg muscles) are:

you will be Air Jordan 7s able to secure your weight properly on your feet, in the ‘tripod’ Air Jordan CDP of middle of the heel/at the little toe metatarsal joint/at the big toe metatarsal joint

When you cannot get the exact fit in pointe shoes, compensations can be made with toe spacers, gel padding, heel grips, sewing wide elastic across the vamp for extra support. There are also many tricks Air Jordan 18s that dancers develop to make their pointe shoes more comfortable.

However, you gain an extra advantage over the availability of the specific ballet shoes that you want, when your feet are really strong.

Another wonderful quality you gain from control and muscle strength in your feet is an elegant upper body, helping you attain the impression of effortlessness that every ballet dancer strives for.

When you get into a ballet partnering class (Pas de deux, French words for ‘dance for two”), you rely less on your partner for control.

You will also have more of a cat like quality simply walking in your pointe shoes, not to mention difficult ballet movements requiring finer professional footwork.