In some cultures, small feet are beautiful feet. An example of such a culture is the Chinese culture. Women used to bind their feet to restrict them from growing big. They do this at a young age so that the girl will have “lily feet” the size of slender, small hands. You might not want to go through the pains of binding your feet for long periods so the best way to make your feet at least have the appearance that they are smaller is to buy shoes that will give this effect.

Here are some tips to help you in buying shoes that would make your feet appear smaller.

Choose rounded shoes or square ended shoes. Pointy shoes give the impression that the foot is longer. Choose round shoes over pointy ended shoes. Shoes that have square ends toward the toes make feet look shorter because of how square ends “cut off” the length of the shoe, giving the impression that the feet are shorter.

Pick shoe designs with vertical Air Jordan 14s patterns or lines. If you have wide feet, pick shoe designs that run vertically. There are wide variations of shoe designs, but the best ones for wide feet are designs that direct away from the ankles. Vertical lines and patterns give the impression of long instead of wide feet.

Go for Air Jordan Women Size heels instead of flats. 1 to 1 inch heels lift the foot Air Jordan Spizike in such an angle that makes it look shorter. Flats feature the full length and size of the foot inside this type of shoe. Wear wedges, cigarette heels and espadrilles that have heels as high as 1 to 1 inch to “cut off” the length of the foot.

Cover the toes. Mary Janes and heels with closed toes give the impression of shorter feet because of the way the shoes cover the toes. Closed toe shoes with rounded or squared ends will look best to give the impression of smaller toes and smaller feet.

Make sure they fit. Uncomfortable shoes that are too tight for your feet will make you walk strangely and draw attention to your feet. All shoes for any foot size should wear shoes Air Jordan 8s that fit them perfectly. Make sure that the shoes you get are the perfect size for your feet so you walk comfortably without drawing attention to your shoes or your feet.

You should know that big feet are nothing to be ashamed of, and that feet grow big enough for them to better support the body when it is standing or walking. There is nothing wrong with big feet if you are a long legged woman Jordan 9 Retro endowed with a height that would make shorter girls jealous. Be proud of your appearance and keep your feet looking neat and healthy. For occasions when you want them to look smaller than usual, following these tips might help you on your way to looking as if you have smaller, less wider feet. Always remember to choose shoe sizes that will perfectly accommodate your actual shoe size, and make sure that they are comfortable enough for you to wear for long amounts of time, just in case you have to.