Lacing cleats for a child with a narrow heel or foot: Follow a normal lacing pattern by threading the laces evenly through the bottom (toe end) eyelets and criss crossing until you reach the top eyelet, leaving the top eyelet empty. Starting at the toe end, tighten from the outer eyelets by pulling the outer part of the shoe toward the center. When you have reached the top eyelet, tighten and thread through the eyelets from the Air Jordan 14s outside, but do not criss cross. Do not pull the lace all the way through so that there is a loop on the outside of the eyelet. Now cross the laces and thread each lace through a loop. Tighten and tie.

How to tie the laces for safety: Make a starter knot by crossing the laces and threading one lace through the hole between the laces and the shoe pull both laces to tighten. Double the right lace over itself to make a loop. Take the left lace and pass it around the to the right, going to the back of the loop and continuing until you are back at the front (complete circle). Feed the left lace into the circle you have just made, making a loop with the left lace. Hold both loops and pull tight. Air Jordan 2011 To make a double, secure knot, cross Air Jordan 23s the left loop over the front Jordan Retro 2 of the right loop. Wrap the right loop around the back Air Jordan 9s of the left loop and feed the end through the circle you have created. Hold both loops and tighten.