Donations Air Jordan 15s of clothing play an important role in the work of many charities. When donated clothes are sold through thrift stores they help the charities raise funds while providing both the Air Jordan Spizike needy and bargain hunting consumers with inexpensive clothing. Other programs give clothing directly to the homeless and other needy adults and children. To donate clothing, you first need to locate a qualified charitable organization. Donations of clothing are usually tax deductible as long as you follow IRS rules.

Consider some of the national organizations as places to donate clothing. Three well know national organizations that operate thrift stores selling donated clothes and other items are Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (see Resources). For the Salvation Army you can also call 1 800 95TRUCK. For St. Vincent de Paul you can call 1 602 266 HOPE or schedule a pickup online. Other national organizations that accept and distribute donated cloths are the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Donate the clothes. Charitable organizations have various methods of accepting clothing donations so you will have to check with the charity you select to find out their procedures. Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Air Jordan 2010 Army and most other national organizations can pick up donations. In addition, Goodwill places collection kiosks in many cities at convenient locations. Most local organizations don’t have the resources to provide pickup service so you’ll need to take the clothes you donate to them. However, check with local churches and schools as these often act as collection points. Be sure you get an itemized receipt if you plan to deduct the value of your donation on your taxes.

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