Foot Odor and Smelly ShoesSweaty and smelly feet are a huge cause for mortification and embarrassment. Excessive sweating, contributes to undue multiplication of bacteria and their products; and this leads to offensive foot odor and smelly shoes.

Our feet have numerous sweat glands. By itself, perspiration does not have any odor and is neutral smelling; however, bacteria present naturally on the foot skin, feed on the sweat, and multiply and manufacture waste products. These waste products give out a nasty and disagreeable odor which results in offensive feet odor.

The primary objective of treating sweaty feet is to reduce the sweat and perspiration on the feet and prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the feet. Foot hygiene plays a vital role in reducing smelly shoes. In addition, there are several natural home remedies for smelly feet.

Stinky Feet CausesHere are some key causative factors that are associated with stinky and sweaty feet:

Bacterial growth and multiplication is the chief cause for offensive smelling feet. In spite of the fact that sweat is odorless and neutral smelling, the proliferating bacteria produce waste products; these waste products emanate a horrible foot odor.

Feet that are covered for prolonged period of time, with socks and shoes are more prone to bacterial multiplication. Closed feet prevent air circulation, the feet remain warm and moist; and this promotes bacterial growth.

Poor hygiene and certain medicines cause the feet to smell as well.

Get rid of Stinky Feet NaturallyHere are some simple home based solutions that can help in preventing sweaty and sticky feet:

Anti bacterial soap: Scrub your feet every day using an anti bacterial soap. Anti bacterial soaps prevent bacterial growth and multiplication, and consequently, put a stop to smelly feet.

Powder: Powder your feet before wearing socks; powder keeps the feet dry and clean and gets rid of foot odor.

Zinc: Clinical trials state that an insufficiency of the mineral zinc is a common cause Air Jordan 18s for smelly, fetid feet. Doctors advise having a zinc supplement daily, 50mg per day, for about 15 days. Furthermore, eat plenty of zinc rich foods like: ginger, cashews, walnuts, sesame seeds, oysters, and lima beans.

Cures for Smelly Feet and ShoesHere are some simple lifestyle tips that can help ensure a solution for foot odor and smelly shoes:

Cotton socks: Always wear cotton socks. Synthetic materials do not absorb sweat, and consequently the feet remain moist. Cotton socks absorb perspiration, help the skin to breathe and prevent the Air Jordan 8s feet from smelling offensive.

Change the socks daily: Always wear washed, clean and dry socks. Maintain strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

Do not wear shoes without socks: If you do not wear socks, sweat gets absorbed by the shoes, making the shoes and feet offensive smelling.

Dont wear shoes for long duration of times. Maintaining ventilation is important to reduce foot sweat. Prefer wearing shoes that allow circulation of air.

Aromatherapy for Foot OdorAromatherapy essential oils have several benefits when it comes to treating foot odor and sweaty feet. Here are some important aroma oils that can be beneficial:

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has strong anti microbial properties and prevents the growth of bacteria on the feet.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil helps relax the blood vessels and muscles in the feet and in turn reduces perspiration.

Geranium Oil: This oil is know to reduce perspiration. In addition, the sweet odor of Air Jordan 17s this essential oil also helps mask offensive foot sweat.

Bergamot Oil: Bergamot oil has deodrant properties which helps keep offensive foot Jordan Winterized 6 Rings sweat at bay.

Add 5 drops of any one of the essential oil to a bucket of warm water Nike LeBron 12 and immense the feet for 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can mix 3 drops of the essential oil with 5 ml of a base oil such as almond oil or coconut oil and rub on to your feet. Aromatherapy essential oils work wonders in the management of sweaty and stinky foot odor.