For many children, half the fun in playing with Barbie dolls is in the clothing and various little accessories that Barbie has. These accessories, however, will eventually end up as clutter in your child’s bedroom. To prevent this, here are ways to organize Barbie clothes and Barbie’s belongings.

Segregating. Start by segregating the various types of accessories and clothing that Barbie has. The clothing should be place in one pile, the furniture for Barbie’s house should be placed in another pile, while the smaller items such as the bags and shoes should be placed in a third pile. Also make Air Jordan 20s sure that you create another pile for the curtains and the bed sheets for Barbie’s home. If you have other Barbie items such as Jacuzzis or ponies, you will also need to gather the sets together and place them separately.

Using containers. Once you have separated and segregated Barbie’s stuff, you will need to store these in containers that will keep the items organized. Choose small boxes that will fit in the type of products Air Jordan 18s that will be stored. For example, very small items such as the shoes and bags will need to be stored in smaller canister, while the clothing can be stored in a mediums sized box. The other larger items such as the furniture can be stored in larger bins. The best containers are the plastic bins available in most home depots, since these plastic bins are inexpensive, light, and will keep the items protected from dirt.

Doll house. Another way to organize and manage Barbie’s clothing and accessories is to use her house as the container. You can place all of the clothing in the bedroom, all of the accessories in the bathroom, and scatter the various furniture in the house, so that your child will Air Jordan 10s only need to search the various rooms in the doll house to search for the items that are Air Jordan 3s needed. This is especially useful if you have the doll house that has a lockable panel that will allow you to completely close Barbie’s home and lock all of the contents inside after use.

Rules. Create a rule that your child will need to clean up after using the toys. This will instill the habit in your child and will make it less of a hassle for you to Air Jordan 2011 organize the toys. Before implementing the rules, however, you will need to teach your child where the various Barbie clothing and accessories should be stored. You should also create rewards and punishments so that your child will follow the rule. A simple reward and punishment combination is to allow the child to watch TV if and only if the Barbie accessories have been stored away in the proper places.

Regularizing the cleaning procedure will not only make it a habit for your child to pick up her toys, but will also help maintain the life span of your child’s toys. Through these steps, you and your child can keep Barbie’s clothing and many little accessories in order and in place.