In the world of fashion, style and utility often occupy separate spheres; no matter how voguish your new shoes are, you won’t look very chic sliding across the ground on slippery soles. With Air Jordan 6 Rings a little action and a do it yourself kit, however, you can have the best of both worlds. Self adhering outsole appliques, available at brick and mortar and online shoe stores, serve as your best bet for staying stable. Although basic instructions remain fairly consistent across products, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before application.

Place your shoe on top of Nike Air Foamposite One the applique and use a felt tipped marker to carefully trace the outline of the shoe’s outsole. In some cases, the stick ons come with pre drawn outlines to accommodate different outsole shapes or shoes sizes. Cut out the appropriate shape with a pair of sharp craft scissors or, if you drew your own, cut that shape out, staying about 1/4 inch inside the outline. The tracing and cutting process may not be necessary for some appliques, which come in pre cut shapes made KOBE 9 to adhere to the toe or heel of the shoe.

If you can’t track down outsole stick ons, use high traction bathtub appliques instead. Like outsole appliques, these heavy duty stickers typically feature an adhesive backing and you can easily cut them to the shape of your shoe.

Touch up appliques with a bit of rubber cement if they begin to come unstuck. This adhesive provides sticking power for outsoles made of virtually any material.

To boost the Air Jordan 18s traction of an older pair of shoes or a pair of kicks that you don’t mind having slightly unsightly outsoles clean the outsole and apply a thin coating of a rubber type shoe repair product to the bottom of the shoe. Allow the product to air dry completely. This gives the outsoles a somewhat gummy texture that helps keep them from slipping.

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