Creating a lens about something that is happening now is not only timely, it smart and likely to get you a lot of traffic, comments and the satisfaction of knowing you created an awesome Air Jordan 7s lens.

On Tuesday I did a little experiment to prove this point. I had seen a post on Mashable about how Candy Corn Oreos were going viral and people were crazed trying to find them so I immediately ran out to Target and got myself a bag and created this lens: Candy Corn Oreos: Awesome or Icky?

1) I cared. I am subscribed to several news feeds that I love Huffington Post, TechCrunch. Sites that share information about stuff that I care about. I happened to see an article about the Candy Corn Oreos and I was intrigued. I am a huge fan of Pop Culture so the popularity of these cookies drew my attention.

2) I tried the product. As soon as I could I ran out and got a bag of the Candy Corn Oreos to prove to my readers and I had actually tried the product. I included a review and a photo. If you reviewing a movie or event or new music release it Air Jordan 1s a great practice to have first had experiences.

3) I went super niche. My lens is about Candy Corn Oreos. Not Double Stuff Oreos, not Chips Ahoy, not Oreo cookie socks. I stayed focused on my super niche topic.

So the next time you see an event, product or something Air Jordan Fusion 5 that going on right now act on it! But sure that you are invested, excited and engaged in your topic.

Caring is the ultimate key to success.

PS I took the intro photo myself.

The thing (newer) lensmasters need to remember, though, is that a lens won pay out on tier rank until after that first month it created. So if you create a lens on something now if you don know that the topic will have lasting impact/traffic, you have to bank on getting sales commissions right away by promoting related products. Otherwise it really not worth much of anything longterm. With Squidoo I always try to plan and think ahead what is going to be now a few months down the line? When you can predict a future hot topic, that where success can really come from. Getting in too late in the game can mean a lot of traffic right after publishing, but no real reward in the long term

Both lenses have been in Air Jordan Women Size the top tier and are still getting traffic, but only the Afro Circus has passed the 1 month mark for being eligible to get payments and has since Air Jordan Spizike dropped out of the top tier.