Begin this hike with the story about Stanley Graczyk. The twenty one year old was a fun loving lumberjack in the early 1900s, known as “Big Sam” to his friends and fellow loggers. On May 20, 1910, Big Sam was to marry his childhood sweetheart. That day, Sam’s crew was working the steep ridges of the Jordan River Valley, with Big Sam himself driving a team of horses and a “Big Wheel” loaded with timber down the Air Jordan 8s ridge. Poor Air Jordan 15s Stanley never even made it to the altar. The huge cart slipped out of control and ran over him, killing him instantly. It’s been called Deadmans Hill ever since. Today it’s a scenic spot with views of much Air Jordan Future of the Jordan River watershed, and an especially popular destination during the height of fall colors. But the top of Deadmans Hill also serves as the trailhead for the Jordan River Pathway, a 2 day backpacking trip of 18.7 miles, and Deadmans Hill Loop, a 3 mile day hike that combines a walk in the woods with a little bit of logging lore. The short loop includes a downhill section in the Air Jordan Fusion 4 beginning and some uphill walking at the end, but the trail is wide, easy to follow, and a hike that can be accomplished in Air Jordan 3s a pair of sturdy tennis shoes.