SONJIA CUHER: On behalf of Expert Village this is Sonjia Cuher. What to take. If you are going hiking, definitely cargo pants and I just take one pair of cargo pants and one pair of jeans because it’s more than enough. I’m always willing to support Peruvian economy, so if I need more I will buy more. Definitely you need T shirts, you know at least four T shirts. I take short sleeve T shirts just because these are very easy and please try to take them something that it has, I can’t remember what is it called, it’s polypropylene or something like that because if you take 100% cotton, they take longer to dry so definitely my T shirts. Swimming suit, very important. If you go to the jungle, you’re going to jump into the rivers; it’s fun. If you go by the coastline the beach is ready and even if Air Jordan 9 Retro you go to the highlands, there are always some hot thermal waters everywhere Jordan 9 Retro so that’s very important. And no matter where you go, you Air Jordan CDP gotta take your pajamas of course. These are not the best ones but they will work. Long a pair of long sleeves, very very very important so you can just layer and some shorts in case you go to a place that did you know you’ll feel uncomfortable getting into a swimming pool in a swimming suit, some people do want to wear shorts, and maybe just maybe a nice sweater because some days you may want to look respectable if you go out and you don’t want to stand out in the crowds saying “Oh, I’m a tourist.” Once again if you go to a cold weather, hat, some gloves, a nice warm jacket, my body jacket, I won’t leave home without it, and because I’m from Peru I will Air Jordan 9 have to look sort of okay if I go out so I take Air Jordan 1s a nice jacket. So if you think about it, I take T shirts, a pair of pants, one cargo, one jeans that’s pretty good, pretty respectable, a nice sweater and I will say my jacket but don’t forget to get very your hiking shoes, these are a must. I don’t take the really heavy heavy ones because anyway I’m not going to be carrying a heavy backpack, I will always have porters to carry it while I’m hiking in the long trail. My walking shoes, these are great, you won’t ever get tired and if I go out dancing, that I will, I get a nice pair of heels.