Dos and Don’ts in wearing red shoesSo you got yourself a cute pair of ruby red pumps. But on trying them on and checking your wardrobe, you realize you don’t know what to wear it with. Soon enough, it’s going to be a part of your museum of unused shoes. a thousand bucks on a pair of Pradas that will eventually collect dust in your closet. Although you can also spend another thousand bucks for a whole new wardrobe, you can also follow these tips in wearing your red shoes:1. Wear it with dark denim. Nothing makes red shoes stand out than wearing a pair of subdued, dark denim pants or skirts. Besides, pairing it with the lighter pair of jeans will only make red shoes a bit er. out of place. So for that sleek look, pair your red shoes with dark denim skinny jeans.

2. Tote around a red bag Red goes with absolutely (almost) anything except of course a red outfit. But if you still feel a bit uncomfy about pairing a pink and white ensemble with a pair of red pumps, top the whole look with a red clutch bag or hobo bag.

3. Red shoes in the right style By the right Air Jordan Fusion 5 style I meant pumps, ballet flats, strappy flat sandals or espadrilles. Never go for strappy platform sandal variety or you’ll look like a stripper.

4. A monochromatic corporate ensemble looks divine with red shoes high waist knee length skirt + a cute 3/4 sleeved top + a black trench coat + a pair of red stilleto pumps+red bag = funky corporate ensemble

5. Red looks good in little doses pair off red shoes Jordan Winterized 6 Rings with a lil red clutch bag and little trinkets like red bangles, red belt or a red head band to jazz up an outfit.

6. red shoes and plain, subdued colors Red Air Jordan 11s is already a very loud color in itself so try balancing a pair of red shoes with black, white or grey and let the red shoes be the center of attention. Also try pairing red shoes with pale Air Jordan Fusion 4 pastels like baby Jordan Retro 10 pink, sky blue or pastel yellow for a little flirty look. For prints, choose those with black, white and little hints of red. Lime green will also go with a pair or red flats and a red bag.

7. Growl with fashionista pride. Bring out the animal in you with animal prints and a pair of red shoes. But keep the animal prints to a minimal. smaller prints look better on most people.

8. khakis go great with red. Whether it be a pair of slacks, skirt or bermuda shorts, Khaki complements a pair of red pumps or espadriles1. Never wear red with loud colors and loud prints. It screams “LOOK AT ME DAMMIT! LOOK AT ME!” Neons are a no no with red shoes unless you’re dressing up as a traffic stop light. But if you dare, try wearing it plain with dark denims. Pair it off with a red bag.

2. Red shoes with lighter denim Makes it look a bit washed out and icky.

3. Red with red. Red shoes + red stockings + red dress = makes you look a tad like lucifer’s daughter. monochromatic ensembles only go for black or white but red? nah. unless you’re planning on looking like a strawberry.

4. Platform sandals The spice girls platform sandals are better left in the late 90’s. not in 2008.

5. unless you plan on becoming one of santas little elves, a darker shade of green wouldn’t be all too well paired with a pair of red shoes.

6. Red boots Superman is a superhero. not a fashion icon. So don’t ever be caught dead wearing red boots with anything.

7. Sequined tops unless you’re a hooker.

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Princessa 6 years ago from France

I love red. Red shoes, red clothes, red handbags, red bikinis. anything in red!

Good advice in here! You are right about going all in red, last halloween I wore a red dress with a pair of red platform red shoes and of course a little headband with Lucifer horns! Effect assured: I was Lucifer’s girlfriend ; )