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How do you feel about cooking? Is it something you enjoy? You could try going to places like SeeWoo and getting some unusual and authentic ingredients and trying some dishes at Air Jordan Future home. I see later down you have mentioned sushi, you could get some bits and pieces and have an evening making your own it is good fun. If you like seafood, you could get a lobster and some other Air Jordan CDP fancy things like the Air Jordan 14s giant prawns and make a seafood platter at home etc.

As for places to go to, I quite like a wander round Pollock house and country park, then some soup and a cream tea in Air Jordan 6s the Pollock House cafe to warm back up again.

For take aways I recommend Home Wok on Byres Road every time (had some last night in fact!). Best Chinese Ive ever had in Glasgow, including sit in restaurants.

Sit in restaurants Ive heard good things about Viva Brazil, though I never been myself. Gumbo on Byres Road was surprisingly good we had awesome ribs in there during the week. Cafe Rogano is a bit of a Glasgow institution and a good excuse to get dressed up.

Breakfasts there used to be a great wee cafe over the Barras in the antiques arcade called Magpie Cafe. Lost of interesting variations on a traditional cooked breakfast, fresh coffee and you can have a wee wander round all the old stuff while you are there.

Anyway I hope you have a great time this sounds like an amazing project!close this windowyou’ll need to or register to do Air Jordan Women Size thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.