In the sixties were organized the first backgammon tournaments. This was a period for backgammon when it had reached a high popularity. in the 1960s backgammon was enjoyed just about everywhere. Just as with poker today backgammon was enjoyed by the kids in the home basement or in the garage. In 1964 in Bahamas took place the very first backgammon contest. It had been organized by the prince Alexis Obolensky. The prince is also responsible with the World Backgammon Club that has been set up in Nyc. Obolensky in 1973 organized in Monte Carlo the European Backgammon Event.

Backgammon stayed a well liked game. It kept amused women and men form various regions of this universe such as America as well as Europe. At the moment there are held several backgammon tournaments. In every July in Monte Carlo takes place the World Championship and around Easter the Nordic Open Air Jordan Spizike Championship. These kind of tournaments are viewed to be Jordan 8 Retro some of the greatest. Beside this big event in Europe are arranged smaller ones just like the European Championship which takes place in Austria, British Isles Backgammon Association that holds events in great britain. A number of the backgammon tournaments are created for people of varied skill sets. A lot of the contests take place throughout the end of the week however presently there are several exceptions. The Nordic Open is undoubtedly held for 5 days while the World Championship for a full week. The vast majority of participants which can be seen in such tournaments really are pro’s. These people reached that level after many years of studying the game and learning which is the right backgammon strategy.

The greatest events have the ability to attract somewhere around 5 hundred individuals while the smaller types around 160 gamers. When the game was quite popular the backgammon tournaments had been sponsored by automobile and cigarettes companies. Now a days the tourneys really are sponsored normally by World wide web backgammon servers. These days to play in an internet backgammon event all that you Air Jordan 19s should do is to find a backgammon internet site. To enter the bigger events you’ll be required to play first the satellite events. If you manage to obtain a decent result you can qualify to the main event. In case you are an novice player before you take part in this particular competition make certain Air Jordan 2s you know well the rules of the game and you have in your mind the proper backgammon strategy.

Despite the fact that at this present time the live backgammon events are not as popular as they Air Jordan 17s were before people from all across the globe still love to take part in such kind of competitions.