Right now I’m 35,000 ft over the Pacific Air Jordan Women Size on my way back from Hong Kong. I’ve been conducting some research and looking for investment opportunities for my client’s portfolios.

Surprisingly, the 747 I’m on isn’t even crowded. Maybe businesses are not sending their people overseas. After all, the US economy is slowing and the US dollar is in the dumpster.

The man sitting next to me has a scrap metals business in Ohio. He confirms my belief that his business has been booming over the last several years. His largest customer is no surprise to me; it’s China. They’ve bought almost his entire inventory. It seems that China can’t get enough of the “things” to sustain its growing economy.

Instead of my normal Air Jordan 10 letter this month I thought I’d share some of my observations while I was in Hong Kong.

I’ve love to hear any feedback you may have.

All the best,May 17, 2008

Hong Kong, part 1

Hong Kong is the melting pot of Asia. I’ve only been here a few days but so far I’ve meet people from the Philippines, Holland, South Africa, Thailand, US, and of course China. I’ve also heard people speaking German, French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, and other languages. It’s truly a multi cultural city.

The people here are extremely friendly too. And unlike certain countries in Europe (you know who you are) locals are willing to help you even though you don’t speak Chinese. I’ve had several people go out of their way to give me directions or walk me to my destination. Try that in France!

Hong Kong is also a very wealthy city. Since I’ve been here I’ve seen more Mercedes and Porches than I’ve ever seen in Germany. I’ve also heard, but I can’t verify, that there are more Rolls Royces here than any other city.

Once thing I can verify is that there are just as many high end stores and boutiques here as anyplace I’ve ever seen. You name the designer and they have a store here, sometimes two or three!

All the non locals I’ve met are here to figure out how to make money from China’s unstoppable economic appetite. The South Africans I met were here at a trade show peddling their goods. They told me that wine makers in South Africa make 75% more per bottle when they export their wine to the United States, Hong Kong, and Europe. Therefore, it’s tough, they said, for South Africans to Air Jordan 15s drink their own wine!

They also told me about witnessing China’s buying spree in Africa. Apparently, China has been buying mines and oil fields across the continent Air Jordan 2010 to secure their growing economy. What does Africa get in return? Shoes!

China has been winning the hearts and minds, and apparently the feet, of poor Africans by providing ultra inexpensive shoes for the populations of countries it does business with. The local Africans love China for this. Hmmm. policy makers can learn something Nike LeBron 11 from China’s actions.

These same guys also keenly pointed out how dumb our Congress is when it comes to China. As you know Congress has been pushing for protectionist measures on Chinese goods. Apparently IQ isn’t a requirement for Congress.

As I’ve said before in the newsletter, China is the LARGEST current buyer of our debt. The last thing we need to do is upset the Chinese government and have them stop financing our country. Can you spell disaster?

Continued next month.

Next month I’ll finish with part 2 of my trip to Hong Kong. Give me a call if you have any questions.

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