Whether you are experiencing torrential downpours or mere spring showers, you will want to prevent dampness in your home. A damp home is an unhealthy home, because it nurtures mold and mildew growth and that can aggravate allergies and asthma. Wetness in your home can also contribute to rot which is bad for the home.

A few simple steps can decrease moisture in your home and increase your quality of life.

1. Install an overhang or awning over your front door. This will give you a dry place to prepare before you enter Air Jordan Women Size your home. It will also give you a place to dry your things or shake off wetness like a dog.

2. Take your shoes Air Jordan 19s off before you enter the house. This should be Air Jordan 9s done anyways for air quality reasons. Get yourself a tub or a basket. Line it with an old sheet. Put shoes in the container. Air sheet out on the clothesline on a dry day.

3. An umbrella stand can end up collecting water. Make sure to dump out water and to air out the stand on dry days.

4. Outdoor gear, sports equipment can all end up a little musty. If you don?t have a porch on which to store this Air Jordan DMP stuff on, you may want to build Air Jordan 23s an equipment box outside. Put a lid on it and buy a padlock for the lid.