The Nike Air River Spike is a hybrid between a running shoe and a river sandal, thus making the shoe well suited for water sports that may include hiking or cave exploration, such as on a kayaking trip. The shoe itself is made from a water resistant mesh that dries quickly when the shoe is removed from a waterlogged environment. Nike uses a single toggle lacing system, a Nike LeBron 11 single elastic cord that threads through the eyelets in the shoe’s webbing, to secure the shoe to your foot without having to worry about a knot coming undone. The sole of the shoe provides effective traction both in water and on land.

The Nike 6.0 Mavrk Mid Wakeskate Shoe is an all purpose water shoe. The shoe’s styling is reminiscent of a land based sneaker, with a thick sole and a raised ankle. However, Sure Fit tongue straps take the place of laces on Air Jordan 1s the shoe to keep it secured to your foot, and the upper material is an open cell mesh that is quick drying and allows for water flow. The shoe also includes foam packaging to reduce the amount of water that the shoe absorbs. The sole is made Jordan Retro 2 of a tacky gum for traction. These features make the shoe ideal for non competitive sailing.

The Nike ACG Air Toketee Mid is a tight fitting water shoe with a supportive sole. The upper part of the shoe is made of a neoprene material that stretches four ways. The shoe also includes a hook and loop mid shoe strap and an upper cinching forearm strap to secure the shoe on your foot. Air Jordan 9s The sides are made from an abrasion resistant sueded material with drainage holes to efficiently evacuate KOBE 9 water from the shoe. The supportive insole is a textured rubber, which helps the shoe dry quickly. These features make the shoe ideal for kayaking, canoeing, or any other activity where you may stop on land.