I think it is a personal choice. My dentist that I have seen since I was four doesn’t Nike LeBron 12 see children until they are 3.

I added DD when I added her to our health insurance. She ended up having enamel that was underdeveloped due to a high fever I had right before she was delivered so it was a good thing I began taking her as soon as her first tooth came in. When her 2 year molars came in they were cracking and pitted from day one of popping through the gum line and she had to have crowns put on. And by the way, I work for a dental association it is recommended that all children see a dentist by age 1. you first take a LO in usually the dentist has you hold them on your lap just like you would for the doctor and they inspect their mouth visually. Yes they might cry (like most do at the doctors too) but after the first time or two they figure out nobody is doing anything to hurt them and they are fine. My daughter has gone back to the exam room me since she turned 2 and isn’t nervous about it one bit. It does help if you practice at home with a spoon or something and use it like the dentist uses the mirror. They’ll Air Jordan 17s want to practice “looking” in your mouth with the spoon too. We did that with DD as a game when she got big enough and she got a big kick out of it. And even if you think they are too little to understand, always explain what is going to happen ahead of time they will retain more than you think.

I say don’t bother with dental insurance for an infant. My ped said at that age is when it’s normal to take them. I just finished adding her on Air Jordan 4s to the insurance this month because that one little visit/first cleaning cost me $170 bucks. I had no idea no insurance could be that expensive! know when my DD was younger, the ped would look in her mouth to see if anything was wrong or out of the norm. My Air Jordan Spizike DD still gave the hygienist a bit of a hard time at the dentist and she’s 3. To me it’d be just a waste of money to add them so little. At about 9 months old (when he learned how to walk) he fell and hit his front top teeth pretty bad. I was terrifed that he would loose them. luckily being that we had the dental insurance, we got into the dentist on an emergency basis and all expenses were covered. Nike KD 7 Thankfully his teeth were fine, and no deep root damage, however even if there was damage it would have been covered. Definately worth it to me for the just in case moments.