Is anyone spending a lot of money on shoes from stores like stride rite? My LO has a pair of gym shoes from Wal Mart and a pair of shoes from aOlernKienOP
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She is currently aOlernKienOP
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I bought one pair from target for $5 and I guessed aOlernKienOP
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I was talking to my mother in law and she said "The one thing I never skmped on for the kids was shoes." She made the point that they bear ALL of the weight of walking at a time when they are learning how they will carry themselves for the rest of thier lives. So I just went to check it out they were having a buy one get one half off sale. They measured my son’s feet and I ended up buying one aOlernKienOP
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They had a LOT of them on sale, if aOlernKienOP
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I agree w/PP. Don’t go cheap on shoes. How they learn to walk and how their feet develop will affect them for the rest of their lives. Stride Rite has coupons all the time, good sales, and they’re aOlernKienOP
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Shop Cheap Lady Liberty 10s at measuring little squirmy feet. One well made pair of shoes is enough. (They should only wear them outside, anyways. Barefoot is best aOlernKienOP
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Save money in other ways: buy clothes from consignment, avoid buying stage 3 foods (it’s really pointless. Just give them what you’re eating), and maybe skip out on one night of take out to pay for the shoes.