When Violet was little, she had a favorite bear, Pinky, and Pinky Honeybear, which was a nearly identical teenytiny bear. There was a while aOlernKienOP
New Release Thunder 4s there that Pinky and Honeybear were the scourge of my life, because we had to carry them everywhere, and anytime we moved Honeybear and Pinky had to come with us and be settled all perfectly. And God forbid one of them got lost in aOlernKienOP
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I reminded of Honeybear of late, because Violet has gotten aOlernKienOP
Cheapest Cool Grey 10s crazy about Barbies, which is rather fun aOlernKienOP
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Womens Shoes Tokyo23 5s because I like the clothes and like making them and such. The not fun part is that she weirdly insistent that the dolls have shoes. They have to have shoes! It part of the outfit!

She has a fashion outlook and an artistic vision, which is good. Yes! All those hours spent watching Project Runway together have sunk in. She thoughtfully uses the accessory wall! Awesome! Do you think, Violet, that you could also stop flipping out when you can find the green shoe?

Last week we went to a tree lighting in the park and we spent a long time playing with these giant foam interlocking forms, all laid out on giant blue tarps. Vi and the other kids built walls and rocking chairs and forts and new apartments, and it was brilliantly cold and clear and lovely her shoe! Violet cries with terror, literal terror in her voice. Oh crapola. I told you not to bring that doll! I told you to let me hold her! I told you to let me aOlernKienOP
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Minutes and minutes of crying ensued. Vi finally got me to promise we would go on the Internet and buy her dolly some new shoes. I see they like 75 cents a throw, meh, buy her aOlernKienOP
Shop Cheap Cool Grey 10s some for Christmas. And pray to God she use them as spares and not insist on keeping together the whole collection.

Damn you, toys with tiny pieces! Damn you to hell! I hated Bratz baby whore look, but at least they figured out a sensible, if creepy, solution to the shoe problem: the shoe was stuck to the dolls calves, and you switched out legs, not shoes. I didn like looking at the amputee leg knob, but I sure liked not having to keep track of a shoe that literally smaller than my thumbnail, yes, I sure did.

No Barbies at our house, just thousands of legos. My son aOlernKienOP
Authentic100% Bred 11s loves legos. He gets kits with 500 1000 pieces, makes the kits and eventually the pieces end up in the containers with the same colors. Then he builds all kinds of stuff that ends up all over the house. At some point he wants to rebuild kits and then there always ONE TINY PIECE that we can find. He 6 now and is getting more flexible and will often agree when I suggest using the piece in a different color, but when he was younger it had to be the right piece. You can order individual pieces from the lego website if you can find aOlernKienOP
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My response? bad! My two year old has started saying it. (The dog got my food. Too bad!) If she continues to fuss, I tell her that I understand that she wants her (whatever) but I can find it right now. Then I remind her that fussing and whining are inappropriate and that if she continues, she will have a time out. I am such a mean mom

I remember once when I was 7 or so, I wanted to take my metalic silly putty on vacation with us. My mom, who hated the stuff, aOlernKienOP
Order Womens Olympic 6s said ok, but I had to keep track of it. I forgot it in a hotel room and remembered when we were an hour down the road. I whined and screamed that we had to go back to get it. Mom said nope, it was my job to keep track of my toys. aOlernKienOP
Shop Cheap Fire Red 5s I chose to bring it, I forgot it, it my fault. And there was no way she was buying aOlernKienOP
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OMG, the only thing worse was when those teeny, tiny disney princesses had removable shoes. They were literally tinier than a grain of rice! Thank god my aOlernKienOP
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I also mean; I do not bring toys with us places. There have been enough incidents where my daughter friends ganked the toy and ran off with it aOlernKienOP
Mens Cheap Cool Grey 10s while she screamed, or she dropped her favorite little cat in a snowbank and we had to go back for it, or whatever. I don haul toys aOlernKienOP
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But then, she is reasonable about it for some reason, so its easier for me to have that rule. I know it was less easy when she was little, but now she really doesn want to lose things, so she more willing to leave them at home.

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