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What Is Collabrative Commerce?

Companies must embrace the techniques of Collaborative Commerce to be successful.

Braxton (formerly Deloitte Research) has proven that Collaborative Commerce – the process of sharing business processes, decision making, work-flow and data with key business partners – contributes to revenue growth, market share and return to shareholders.

The basics of Collaborative Commerce:

  • ¬†Business leaders are using Collaborative Commerce techniques to tackle the demands of a tough economy.
  • Companies that look for collaborative opportunities outperform those who go it alone.
  • Tightly coordinated efforts and shared resources provide significant benefits.
  • Collaborative opportunities exist in every important business process.
  • An enterprise-wide infrastructure platform is key.
  • Collaborative Commerce success depends on early adoption.

Implications for your business:

  • ¬†Effective Collaborative Commerce depends heavily on technology to enable work-flow, improve information exchange and enable new capability.
  • Technology needs to leverage existing technical capability; however, a flexible yet powerful infrastructure platform is required to effectively integrate these processes.

Adapted from a Braxton study “Directions in Collaborative Commerce.