There are 1440 minutes in each day. We spend all of them each and every day with different activities and habits… like sleeping, exercising, making phone calls, eating, etc.. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how we SPEND our valuable time currency – easily.


How about treating your TIME like $ in the BANK? Every day there’s an auto-deposit of $1440 (1440 minutes) into your Time Bank. Then through the day you write $15 checks (15 minutes) to the activity you’re involved in. Just quick 3 word checks like “drive to work”, or “emailing”, or “Client Smith mtg”, or “tv with kids”, or “nap time”, etc..

Anytime during the day, or week, or month, you can see the cumulative impact of how you spend your time with a pie chart display.

It will show your GOOD time-spending and your POOR time-spending habits.